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Last Updated: January 10, 2022 | 3 mins Read

Trucks have been common vehicles on the roads nowadays in Snellville. Similarly, maximum businesses use trucks to transport goods from one city to another and from one state to another. If you are looking for good commercial truck insurance coverages in Snellville with coverages as per your requirements, it’s your sign for 2022 to read this blog and understand about High-Risk Truck Insurance

What do you mean by high-risk truck insurance?

For a variety of reasons, trucking insurance is regarded as high risk. One apparent reason is that truckers (and, by extension, their trucks) are constantly on the move. This increases the risk of accidents for trucks and truckers and the truck’s wear and tear due to constant load-bearing functions, which in some cases include carrying explosives, rocks, and other hazardous materials. Almost every excellent or the raw material is transported on a truck at some point. There isn’t a single commodity that hasn’t been touched. None of the scenarios outlined above bode well for the trucking industry or its drivers in terms of insurance.

Because of the high-risk nature of the trucking industry, few insurance companies are willing to insure trucking companies or their service providers. Fortunately, companies are eager to provide high-risk trucking insurance options to trucking companies in need, such as Renegade Insurance and many others in Snellville. They offer comprehensive insurance of high-risk trucks tailored to small and large businesses.

Understanding High-Risk Truck Insurance

High-Risk Truck Insurance protects trucking operations that have high risk. These dangers include being a new commercial truck driver, having excessively high CSA scores, and having recently canceled your existing insurance.

Insurance underwriters, insurance companies, and truck insurance brokers consider these factors when determining your risk level. Many high-risk commercial truck insurance companies or brokers do not provide policies or coverage for drivers with these on their record. However, there are still commercial truck insurance companies that do, which will help you shop for and choose your options.

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Coverages For High-Risk Truck Insurance 

Here are seven coverages that are commonly found for high-risk trucks in Snellville.

1. Commercial Auto Liability Insurance

Protection while your truck is on the road. Commercial auto liability will cover you for these types of claims if you hit someone and cause bodily harm or property damage to any third party.

2. General Liability Insurance

This will cover you when your truck is not on the road, such as loading or unloading it. It is also something that so many load brokers are starting to demand.

3. Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

This protects the load you’re hauling in the event of damage or other problems.

4. Refrigeration Breakdown Insurance:

It provides coverage if your load spoils while transporting refrigerated goods.

5. Bobtail Insurance

It covers a truck under the company’s authority when it is not on loads, such as visiting the grocery store or other similar activities. It can be offered to your company’s owner-operators who may require it because they have a terrible track record and no one else will cover them.

6. Hazmat insurance

It protects businesses that transport hazardous materials such as gas or chemicals. It is an endorsement that can be placed on cargo.

7. Pollution Liability Insurance

It insurance will cover you if there is a spill on-road or something from your truck and any contamination and cleanup.

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High-Risk Truck Driver Insurance 

Insurance companies are very concerned about who will be driving your truck. Insurance premiums for high-risk truck drivers will be high. You can be penalized for:

  • Drivers who have a poor MVR (Motor Vehicle Report)
  • Drivers under the age of 25 are “young drivers.”
  • CDL drivers with less than two years of experience
  • Truck drivers who have been convicted of DUI (Obtaining insurance for a commercial driver with a DUI is complex, but some companies will consider all of the facts and will not automatically refuse to write the policy.)
  • Other serious driving offenses (excessive speeding, reckless driving, DWI)

4 Things Trucking Company Owners and Managers Should Do to Help Secure High-Risk Trucking Insurance

1. Be specific about your requirements.

Being truthful about your company’s needs and the current state of affairs is essential for obtaining a high-risk trucking insurance plan that works for you. Here are the types of information you should be clear on with your prospective insurance company:

  • Your trucking business’s area of operation
  • The types of goods or materials the transport of your truck
  •  The comprehensive history of your business’s operations leading up to the point of seeking high-risk trucking insurance.

2. Be Mindful

The more you know about available high-risk trucking insurance options, the more likely you are to be prepared to confidently discuss specifics as they relate to your own business’s high-risk trucking insurance needs and possible alternatives. Being aware will also give you an idea of how much your specific brand of high-risk trucking insurance will cost.

3. Be Proactive

Planning ahead of time is a crucial component in business. It is especially true if you are looking for high-risk trucking insurance for your company. By being proactive, you can put everything in place.

To make the process go more smoothly, including all of the information high-risk trucking insurance companies require. Insurance is expensive! Therefore, you should carefully consider and prepare your insurance needs and how you will pay for them. Physical damage insurance, for example, which covers and pays for the repairs or replacement of damaged vehicle parts, maybe a feature of the type of high-risk trucking insurance you want for your company.

4. Check everything off your list.

Preparing a checklist can assist you in gathering all of the information required to obtain an accurate high-risk trucking insurance quote. As a result, take the time to create an easy-to-follow checklist with the following information to assist you in obtaining a more accurate quote:

  • The individuals who will be driving trucks in your fleet.
  • Any training, CDL license(s), or other qualifications that your drivers may (or may not) have.
  • Do your company’s trucks transport any hazardous materials or heavy equipment?
  • How frequently and how far will your trucks travel each week and throughout the year? What is the total amount of mileage you travel each year?
  • Be sure to list all the relevant states exactly where your trucks are in operation

To sum it up

  • The coverages that are made for High-Risk Truck Insurance  are commercial auto liability insurance, general liability insurance, motor truck cargo insurance, refrigeration breakdown insurance, bobtail insurance, hazmat insurance, and pollution liability insurance
  • Be specific about the requirements about your trucking business’s area of operation, the types of goods or materials the transport of your truck, and the history of your high-risk trucking insurance.
  • Be mindful of available high-risk trucking insurance
  • Plan ahead of time because insurance is expensive. Therefore, you should carefully consider and prepare your insurance needs
  • Prepare a checklist to gather up all the information required to get the accurate high-risk trucking insurance quote

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is high risk commercial insurance?

High-risk commercial insurance is auto insurance coverage for commercial drivers with poor driving records, little driving history, or vehicles that insurance providers believe are more likely to be involved in accidents. High-risk car insurance is required when a driver is deemed high risk by auto insurance companies.

Why is commercial truck insurance so high?

The higher cost of commercial insurance reflects the insurance company’s higher risk, as claims involving business vehicles are frequently more expensive than those involving personal vehicles. 

Which insurance is best for truck?

Best Trucking Insurance might be different for you if you consider your requirements of the company. Here are Top 10 recommended coverages as follows:

1. Primary Auto Liability

2. Physical Damage

3. General Liability

4. Bobtail

5. Motor Truck Cargo

6. Rental Reimbursement

7. Trailer Interchange

8. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists

9. Medical Payment

10. Reefer Breakdown Coverage

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