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Last Updated: February 07, 2022 

If you are a Commercial Truck Driver and if you have truck cargo insurance here are the things you must know! It can be challenging to assess how much coverage you needed when truckers transport varied types and amounts of cargo throughout their job or even in a single day. Because the value and quantity of merchandise you’re transporting can fluctuate, it’s critical to have a trucking insurance policy that will meet your needs with 18 wheeler traveling down the road.

What is Truck Cargo Insurance for Commercial Truck Drivers?

Truck Cargo insurance is the most frequent technique for safeguarding the value of your goods from physical damage, theft, and regular wear and tear. Cargo insurance is not always covered for all shipped goods, which varies significantly by area. Instead, shippers and consignees can buy insurance policies from specialist suppliers, large brokers, local agencies, websites, and freight forwarders on the open market.

Cargo insurance is an optional coverage (meaning you can buy it or not) depending on the cargo truck’s actual worth. Truck cargo insurance premiums are paid on top of the carrier’s liability insurance. The benefit is that you’ll be covered for the entire cost of your goods.

How Much Does Truck Cargo Insurance Cost?

The type and value of the freight being transported in your big trucks determine the amount of coverage you require. Likewise, because costs vary greatly from situation to situation, a trucking insurance expert must tailor the coverage to your specific trucking operation. Cargo coverage quotations often vary from $50,000 to $250,000 – or more.

Similarly, semi cargo insurance costs are proportional to the amount of coverage required to protect your semis’ cargo. As a result, the policy is acquired with a per-big-truck-cargo maximum load limit.

Policy Limit Typical Range in Cost (per year)
50k limit $400 – $700
100k limit $800 – $1400
250k limit $1,100 – $1,800

Insurance underwriters, insurance companies, and truck insurance brokers consider these factors when determining your risk level. Many high-risk commercial truck insurance companies or brokers do not provide policies or coverage for drivers with these on their record. However, there are still commercial truck insurance companies that do, which will help you shop for and choose your options.

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Is Cargo Insurance Mandatory In Georgia?

It is not necessary to purchase cargo insurance. However, it is highly suggested that you can better protect your items from risks, some of which may be catastrophic. It’s critical to balance the expense of insurance against the risk of losses and collateral harm if you don’t have insurance.

Even if you can show that an ocean carrier is legally accountable, their liability is limited to $500.00 per package or customary shipment unit, or the actual worth of the goods, whichever is less. On the other hand, Airfreight companies are only liable for 19 SDR per kilo (about $24.00). As you may expect, most freight is worth substantially more than these rates. As a result, if you don’t have the right insurance, you risk losing a significant portion of the value of your goods.

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Who Is Liable For Damage In Truck Cargos?

Transporting freight from one area to another entails a variety of risks. There are numerous risks associated with moving freight, ranging from cargo loss to damaged parcels, accidents to missing a stop.

However, because the job must be completed, trucking companies and their drivers must go on the road and ensure that they are protected from stop-to-stop traffic. When damaged cargo occurs, it’s important to have the correct motor truck cargo insurance in place to safeguard not only the cash loss incurred as a result of the damage but also the company’s reputation as it tries to keep things moving.

Top 5 Qualities To Look For In A Quality Cargo Insurance Provider

Cargo insurance is available from a variety of companies. However, selecting the proper one for your company may necessitate some investigation. The finest coverage isn’t necessarily guaranteed by the insurance company with the highest premiums. You require a service provider who is concerned about your cargo. That is why C.H. Robinson makes every effort to provide:

  • The ideal cargo insurance company will offer several flexible coverages depending on your demands. Plus, there are no or low deductibles.
  • All-risk insurance. Find a company that can protect all of your common commodities against financial risk, physical loss, and damage while they’re in transit.
  • Insurance teams that are well-versed in the field. Great cargo insurance providers assist you to manage the various rules and regulations to rapidly resolve claims by providing lots of insurance specialists to guide you through the purchasing and claims process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is Truck Cargo Insurance Required For Truckers?

If the cargo transported on their semis is lost or damaged unexpectedly, all commercial trucking businesses must purchase cargo insurance. Because costs vary significantly from scenario to circumstance, a trucking insurance professional must tailor the coverage to your individual trucking operation.

What is the formula for calculating cargo insurance?

The insured value times the policy rate is commonly used to determine the cargo insurance premium for a single shipment. What is the insured value, exactly? The simplest way to calculate insured value is to multiply the commercial invoice value of the products by the freight cost, then add 10% to account for additional costs.

What are the three different types of truck cargo insurance?

Truck cargo clauses are divided into three categories: A, B, and C. Bulk freight is covered similarly to more minor, domestic goods are.

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